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Technical Article

DFM Validation for PCB Assembly

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Shenzhen Grande offers DFM validation for PCB assembly with the support of expert engineers and prescribed guidelines. We are one of the few electronic contract manufacturers to give a free design for manufacturability validation for every project. Therefore global customers contact us to avail this benefit. DFM validation enables to detect errors at the initial stage, which helps to avoid production delays and expensive mistakes. 

DFM validation for circuit board is a comprehensive process which includes detecting inaccurate footprint for components, inappropriate parts spacing, first pin indication, part to part spacing, part to edge spacing, foot print corroboration, verification of bill of material with PCB, cathode mark for diode, component polarity, etc. Early DFM validation helps to save considerable time. 

The main objective of design for manufacturing is to improve the product quality, cost and delivery. Using precise DFM procedures enables to have desired quality, reduction in turnaround time and product cost by carefully selecting the appropriate part for the application. It has been observed that minute mistakes lead to heavy losses to the majority of the customers, so it is desired to have DFM validation at a very beginning stage. DFM validation at the right time enables to correct mistakes at the early design stage before committing it to production. This in turn saves customers from the hassles of rework and lead to further reduction in PCB assembly cost. 

We have employed expert engineers who are well-versed with prescribed standards of DFM validation. Our team ensures accurate DFM check and strives to deliver quality end product. DFM validation enables consumers to have superior quality circuit board assembly. 

Shenzhen Grande has engaged an expert customer service team to address all issues. We carefully evaluate Gerber, bill of materials files for DFM check. You can easily communicate with our team through multiple available channels. Please let us know your concerns and we will get back to you with an appropriate solution. Email your list of queries to or can personally come to our office for immediate resolution.

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