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Technical Article

How can we do rigid flex PCB pre-production work?

Time:2019-05-23 13:48:16 Click:

As we all know, rigid flex PCB is often used for some special products, which demands both flex area and rigid area on account of saving the inner space, reducing the volume of finished product and improving its performance.


However, compared to those common PCB design, rigid flex PCB design is much complicated so that we should pay more attention to such aspects: Rigid flex transition area, corresponding routing, vias design and so on.


Apart from that, when it comes to the choice of rigid flex PCB base material, we’d better choose the non adhesive copper coating material for flex PCB and PI resin series rigid material like FR4 (Matching TG and CTE parameters ); Furthermore, as for the adhensive between FPC and FR4, low flow one will be better on the premise of optimizing the compression parameters.


Last but not least, since the structure of flex rigid PCB is quite complex, every single process is worthy of concern including drilling, etc.






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