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Technical Article

How to effectively save PCBA costs?

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When it comes to the PCBA costs, we should know the factors which affects PCBA cost, and then saving cost from such aspects correspondingly:




1. The size of PCB is the key. The smaller the PCB size, the lower the cost. That’s to say, reducing the size of non-standard PCB can effectively reduce the cost of PCB.


2. Compared with THT, using SMT to handle components can save cost because SMT is able to connect more components to the PCB with less time.


3. In addition, if the components on the PCB are dense, then PCB Layout must be finer and the equipment used should be more advanced. At the same time, the PCB should be made of better materials, and extra care should be taken in the layout process to avoid possible problems such as power consumption, which may affect the formation of the circuit, and the cost of such problems is much higher than reducing PCB size.


4. Generally, the more layers of PCB, the higher the cost. However, the smaller the total number of PCB layers usually leads to an increase in PCB size.




5. Drilling takes time, so the fewer holes on the PCB, the lower the cost.


6. Blind vias are more expensive than plated through holes(PTH). Because the blind holes must be drilled before the PCB is attached.


7. The diameter of the pilot hole on the PCB depends on the diameter of the components’ pin. In other words, if the pin types on the PCB are different, the machine cannot use the same drill bit to drill all the holes, which is relatively time-consuming and the corresponding cost will also increase.


8. Electronic testing using flying probe testing is usually more expensive than AOI. AOI is usually sufficient to ensure that there are no errors on the PCB, and which also makes it easier to detect those non-conforming space issue of electrical conductors.



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