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Technical Article

How should we shorten PCBA lead time?

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PCBA lead time is a matter of great concern to customers. The shorter the lead time, the easier it is for customers to open the market as soon as possible. So how should we shorten PCBA Lead Time?



Factors affect PCBA Lead Time:


1.PCB: The lead time is relatively stable, less than four layers PCB whose lead time is usually 1 week around;

2.Components: The lead time can be short or long. Why? If the components are in stock, then which can be purchased back within 1-2 week; However, if the components need to purchase overseas, the shortest period is 2-3 weeks, and the longest period can be several months;

3. PCB Assembly & Testing: The lead time is also relatively stable, usually 1-2weeks after the board is assembled.

Therefore, it can be seen from the above introduction that the key factor affecting the PCBA lead time that lies in the component.




So how can we shorten the procurement cycle of components?


Well, for those long lead time components, we will consider whether they can use the alternative components to replace. That's to say, if we can find alternative components and purchase them back immediately when if they are in stock, that is The best way to solve the problem,


What if the longer components cannot be replaced? At this time, then we need to estimate and place an order in advance, which can significantly shorten the PCBA lead time.

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