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Technical Article

PCB Fabrication BGA Prototyping Boards

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Shenzhen Grande Electronic utilizes sophisticated equipments to assemble BGA prototyping boards. We have 8 years of experience in BGA assembly, BGA rework services. As a result, many of our reliable customers contact us for BGA prototyping board requirements. We assemble BGA prototype PCBs in our own production house. Our team assembles BGA prototype circuit boards through our own production plant in Shenzhen, China. The assembly house is built with recent technology and has 110 capable employees to carry out various functions. Our intelligent resources assemble BGAs with their specialized capabilities. 

We are capable to handle different kinds of BGAs such as micro BGAs size 2 mm x 3 mm to large size 45 mm BGAs, from ceramic BGAs to plastic BGAs. Additionally, we can even place minimum 0.4 mm pitch BGAs on the circuit board. We also select the reflow oven profile as per your BGA specifications. 

Our skilled workforce employs thermal profile even for prototype, as it is the significant function in the BGA assembly process. We carefully review the circuit board files and BGA chip datasheets to make the most appropriate thermal profile for BGA assembly. While making thermal profiles, the BGA sizes and BGA ball material composition are taken into account, in addition to lead-free processing. 

Lead-free BGA circuit boards pass through particular lead-free thermal profile to discontinue the growth of ball issues, which recurrently occur due to lesser temperatures. Alternatively, the costly leaded BGA boards are diverted through specific leaded processes to avoid high temperatures which lead to pin shorts. We have effective quality inspection procedures in place to offer good quality services. 

We possess high-tech BGA placement equipment, precise BGA assembly processes and automated x-ray inspection (AXI) system to provide better quality BGA circuit board assembly. AXI is used to identify assembly defects; our team uses 2D x-rays to render 3D images, to verify the issues like a circuit board broken vias in inner layers and BGA ball’s cold solder.

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