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Technical Article

Bill of Materials Example for PCB Assembly

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Shenzhen Grande Electronic requires a bill of materials (BOM prior to the commencement and scheduling of a PCB assembly order. When most customers initially contact Grande, they provide a sample BOM for their PCB assembly order. The BOM contains the list of parts or components used and their placement on the printed circuit board. 

The BOM allows Grande’s procurement specialists to identify the approved distributors of PCB components and materials, as well as evaluate which distributor has the most cost-effective pricing. In case some parts or materials on the BOM are unavailable at the time the PCB assembly order is scheduled for production, Grande’s procurement specialists will locate alternative distributors. Our procurement team will then send the replacement parts to the BOM owner for approval prior to their use in production. 

You need to submit a bill of materials with complete information in all the fields. The BOM should have details with respect to item number, reference designator, part description, quantity, manufacturer’s name, manufacturer’s part number, package, part type, etc. 

In addition to accurate and full information, the BOM should also have a specific highlight or a mark against the parts which are not required to be ordered by Grande or any components which need to be excluded from the assembly process. This will help us to avoid waste and enable us to complete the assembly order by our promised deadline. 

For turnkey circuit board assembly orders, we require additional items in the bill of material such as a distributor or distributors, distributor’s part number or numbers, manufacturer’s name, manufacturer’s part number, etc. It is advisable to have more than one distributor order number in the bill of material. 

You can add an additional distributor name and order number for a single component. Having an additional distributor is useful in the procurement process since it enables Grande to procure a customer’s parts and/or materials from an alternative distributor in situations where a particular distributor has no stock of parts. You can send us the BOM by e-mail. Here is a sample BOM file for your reference that’s available on the Grande website.

You can give us your bill of material through different modes of communication. You can forward BOM to our registered email address or the file can be uploaded using our website contact page or by any available channel.

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