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BGA Assembly

BGA (Ball Grid Array) Assembly Services with X-ray Inspection
Grande has been providing BGA assembly, BGA rework and BGA Reballing services in EMS industry for 10 years. With state-of-the-art BGA placement equipment, correct BGA assembly processes and X-ray test equipment, you can rely on us to build high quality and good yield rate BGA boards.

BGA Assembly Capability
We have a wealth of experience handling all types of BGAs from micro BGAs (2mmX3mm) to large size BGAs (45 mm); from ceramic BGAs to plastic BGAs. We are capable of placing minimum 0.4 mm pitch BGAs on your PCB board.



 BGA Assembly Process/Thermal profiles
Thermal profile is of utmost importance in the BGA assembly process. Our production team will carefully review your PCB files and the BGAs datasheet to make an optimized thermal profile for your BGA assembly process. We will take the BGA size, BGA ball material composition (leaded or lead-free) into consideration to make effective thermal profiles. When the BGA physical size is large, we will optimize the thermal profile to localize the heating on the internal BGA; otherwise, it will cause a void. We follow the IPC Class II to make the void under 25% of total solder ball diameter. Lead-free BGA will go through a specialized lead-free thermal profile to avoid open ball problems resulting from the lower temperature; on the other hand, leaded BGA will go to a specialized leaded process, to prevent the higher temperatures from causing  pin shorts. When we receive your Turn-Key order, we will check your PCB design for BGA combined with DFM (Design for manufacturability) review, including checking the circuit board material, surface finish, maximum warpage requirement and solder mask clearance. All these factors affect the quality of BGA assembly.


BGA soldering, BGA Rework & Reballing
You may have only a few BGAs or fine pitch parts on the PC boards and need them assembled for R&D prototyping.  Grande can help -- we provide a BGA soldering service for testing and evaluation purposes. Additionally, we can support you for BGA rework and BGA reballing with an affordable price! We follow five basic steps to perform BGA rework: component removal, site preparation, solder paste application, BGA replacement and reflow process. We guarantee 100% of your boards will be undamaged when they are returned to you.

BGA Assembly X-Ray Inspection
We use an X-Ray machine to detect various defects which might occur during BGA assembly.  Through X-ray inspection, we can eliminate soldering problems on the board, such as paste bridging and insufficient ball melting. Also, our X-Ray support software can calculate the gap size in the ball to make sure it follows IPC Class II standard. Our experienced technicians can also use 2D X-rays to render 3D images in order to check such problems as PCB broken vias in inner layers and BGA balls' cold solder.

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