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Technical Article

What is the benefit of an LED light box?

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The benefits of the LED light box:


a)Beautiful appearance: It’s suitable for all fashion areas;


b)Convenient installation: Quick opening design but simpler and faster replacement of lamp, which can be replaced within five minutes;


c)Patent of Light guide technology design: Its principle and effect can be compared to the liquid crystal display screen of laptop;


d)Long service life of Led box: It is also shocking, such as Jun Dao led light box(Chinese brand) can resist rain water and sunscreen, which greatly extends the service life of the Led box;


e)Ultra low power but high light efficiency: Low heating power and loss (no thermal radiation but environmental protection);


f)Unique light guide board technology: Small thickness size, higher brightness of the light source under the same power condition, luminous surface light uniformity and 60~70 percent energy saving than ordinary light box.





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