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Technical Article

SMT Processing Bulk Materials Handling Method

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As we all know, once the placement machine is up and running, there will definitely be problems on the placement line. Due to various reasons, a lot of bulk materials are produced, thrown away, or are originally bulk materials. Some bulk materials (such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.) have no reuse value because they are not easy to distinguish and have a small intrinsic value. However, for large equipment, especially certain imported chip components, they have high value and can be distinguished and distinguished, so they usually need to be reused. However, for the scattered components, if they were originally packaged in pallets or have a suitable pallet, the problem may be solved better, otherwise it may be more difficult to handle.



Generally, if there is less material dropped, the operator can fill the feeding belt in time, but do not fill too much at a time, please pay attention to the direction.


SMT Processing Bulk Material Handling Method:

1. Collect a certain length of old braid;

2. Find a thin plate;

3. Use double-sided tape to stick an appropriate length of braid on the board. Note: Try to ensure that the material tanks are aligned and fill the bulk material into the braid;

4. Use Tray disk to compile the program and input the self-made Tray disk information into the program;

5. Call the new program for production, everything is normal;

6. Develop a throwing control list.


If there are a lot of bulk materials, you can collect some material tapes and braids that are suitable for bulk material packaging specifications. Then put the bulk materials into the material belt and seal the braid with double-sided tape. Please refer to the original packaging when placing the materials. Buy an automatic woven bag machine, and use the LCR meter to measure the throwing materials. Generally, pay more attention to the throwing materials of the same type of machine with the same collection amount. The throwing materials in each row should also be separated, so that the operator will scan twice Separate the materials with the same capacity of resistance, capacitance and inductance, and then use automatic woven bag machine to make belt packaging!





We must focus on solving the problem of throwing rate. However, the materials that have been thrown must also have corresponding processing measures and treatment measures, because the long-term value is not cheap. But I think there is another point: for ordinary LCR parts, distinguishing and woven tape does not have much value, because its value is relatively low. It is important to focus on the main high-value, chip-like components.


In fact, strengthening the management of incoming materials, strengthening the inspection of incoming materials in packaging and other aspects, and strengthening the maintenance of the picking and vacuum parts of the machine can reduce the throwing to a minimum. In fact, the problem of materials is the main reason.


Online operators are required to have a strong sense of responsibility, and they can link the discard rate with the evaluation link, and recover them in time for timely use. If the resistance and capacitance are lower than the discard rate, there is no need to spend too much effort.


1. Whoever should be asked to manufacture the bulk materials should digest the bulk materials.

2. The bulk materials on duty are digested and processed on duty.




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