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PCB Materials

In recent years, with the development of electronic technology and innovation, the development of printed circuit boards is becoming more and more rapid.  So the PCB Materials a very important role in PCB Manufacturing. In order to help our clients reduce product costs, we use locally manufactured raw laminates for our PCBs.  BTW, considering your signal integrity and HDI requirements, we will choose the PCB material as you prefer. 


Grande Materials
 Reduced Cost Materials  ✔ 
 Signal Integrity  ✔ 
 RoHS Compliance  ✔ 
 Exotic Materials  ✔ 
 RF Materials  ✔ 
 High Speed Signal Materials  ✔ 
 Automotive Industry Materials  ✔ 



Grande's advatagement?

Grande is aim to offer the lowest possible costs as well as the highest quality and service to our customers. When we use substitute materials, we use the best quality substitutes (based on material availability).





As the following chart show:

 Shenzhen Grande material selection

If you have any question about material, our engineering team works with our PCB manufacturing facilities to communicate to you any material-related issues or concerns at all times. Our engineering team is extremely competent and experienced at CAM, methods engineering and process engineering.

And If you have any concerns regarding our material selection methodology or if you have any queries regarding specific materials, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Our sales team will be more than happy to assist you as well as provide you with information on pricing and/or lead-time regarding any material. 

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