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PCB Design Service Terms

What are the terms and conditions?
RFQ are provided after studying the necessary input documents. Following documents are required for providing an offline quote:
    •  Schematic
    •  Netlist
    •  Bill of Material
    •  Mechanical Specifications




Feedback Reviews

Once the project is started, after receiving the required input documents, we will provide you the component placement drawings in PCB format. It is customer’s responsibility to ensure that the component placements and its foot prints are satisfactory. Based on the feedback we will update the component layout and complete the routing. The routing documents are provided as pdf documents or Gerber files. 

Customer at that stage can approve the design based on the documents sent or request an online review. Online reviews can be done over any of the free desktop sharing tools available such as SKYPE.

Once the customer accepts the project, a tentative project schedule will be given with anticipated dates for component placement, and routing approval and total project timelines.

At any point of design cycle, if the design requires advanced techniques such as impedance matching, signal integrity checks, thermal simulations, revised project cost and timelines will be offered to the customer for their approval.

    •  We have experienced layout designers and we are committed to customer satisfaction. However, the final responsibility for design functionality and manufacturability are yours. We give no warranties regarding the design of your PCB.
    •  In no event shall our liability exceed the amount of the order placed.
    •  We give no other warranty, either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness.
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