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Technical Article

Why is so difficult to perform precision soldering?

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Not really. In fact, with the continuous improvement of soldering technology, PCB soldering equipments and soldering process are updated correspondingly, which means that the soldering of 0201 smt components and less than 0.5mm Pitch BGA are pretty common at present.


What’s more, adding the guarantees of AOI and X-Ray test, there is no huge problem to perform precision soldering.


BTW, precision soldering depends upon the following aspects:


1.Stable work fixtures, good lighting and magnification if necessary

2.Properly cleaned & prepared substrates, pads, vias, traces, etc.

3.Soldering irons idling in correct heat range

4.Tips which are of appropriate size & shape, frequently wiped to remove contaminants

5.Micro-gauge solder; Alloy & flux to be compatible for the work at hand

6.steady hands, etc.




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