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Technical Article

What equipment is used by professional PCB manufacturers?

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When it comes to the manufacturing of PCB, which actually refers to dozens of procedures and a variety of large equipments, including drilling, lamination, plating, etching, printing, exposure and development, surface treatment, testing, packaging, etc.


Thus, a professional PCB manufacturer will at least use the following equipments (From Quora):


1.Drilling Machines

2.Multilayer Pressing machines for layer bonding

3.Imaging line for Transferring the design to Copper laminate by photo lithography

4.PTH Plating line with PLC for time control based plating

5.Etch and strip line for removing unwanted copper and remove image films

6.Solder Masking line for protection screen Printing Coating

7.Hot Air Leveling [ HAL} for tin lead soldering / OR Tin soldering for ROHS components

8.Bare Board Testing [BBT ], bed of nail testing or Flying probe systems

9.Quality control systems in several stages

10.Gold plating lines for sim, Edge connectors, etc.




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