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Which factors in PCB design that affect PCB Assembly?

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PCB Assembly is conducted according to the production data of PCB design. Excellent PCB design is extremely helpful for subsequent PCB Assembly, while imperfect design will affect the assembly process and even the quality of products. So Which factors in PCB design that affect PCB Assembly?


The factors in PCB design that affect PCB Assembly:


1.The position of adding tin that can not have silk-screen;


2.The minimum distance between copper foil and plate edge is 0.5mm, and the minimum distance between components and plate edge is 5.0mm, and the minimum distance between pads and plate edge is 4.0mm;


3.Minimum space of copper foil: single board is 0.3mm and two-layer board is 0.2mm;


4.Attention should be paid to the components of the metal shell when designing the double panels. When the shell is in contact with the circuit board, the welding pad on the top layer shall not be opened, and it must be covered with solder mask or silk screen mask;


5.Do not place jumper wires under the IC, motor, potentiometers or other components with large metal cases;


6.The electrolytic capacitor should not touch the heating components, such as high-power resistors, thermistors, transformers and radiators. The minimum interval between the electrolytic capacitor and the radiator is 10mm. While the interval between other components and the radiator is 2.0mm;


7.Large components, such as transformers, electrolytic capacitors with a diameter of more than 15mm, large current sockets, should be enlarged its pads;


8.The minimum line width of copper foil: single board is 0.3mm, two-layer board is 0.2mm and side of the minimum copper foil is 1.0mm;


9.Copper foil (except grounding required) and components (or as required in the structure drawing) shall not be allowed within 5mm radius of screw hole;


10.The size (diameter) of the pads for general through-hole installation components is twice the diameter of the aperture. The minimum size of the two-layer board  is 1.5mm and the minimum size of the single board is 2.0mm;


11.If the distance between the center of the pads is less than 2.5mm, the adjacent pads shall be wrapped with silk screen mask with the width of 0.2mm;


12.If the components need through the tin furnace first then welding. The pads should pass by the tin position, and whose direction is opposite with tin direction, 0.5mm to 1.0mm or so; And which is mainly used for bonding pads in single-side and post-welding, so as to avoid blocking when passing through the furnace;


13.In PCB design with large area (more than 500cm), to prevent PCB board from bending when passing through the tin stove, a space of 5mm to 10mm should be left in the middle of the PCB board without putting components (which can be wired);


14.In order to reduce the short circuit of welding spots, all the vias of two-layer boards shall not openen solder window;


Well, the above points are the factors introduction in PCB design that affect PCB Assembly. If you have PCB products need to Layout, Manufacturing and Assembly, just feel free and contact Shenzhen Grande!

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