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Why does Shenzhen Grande Use a 10 Zone Force air convection reflow oven?

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Shenzhen Grande uses the JTR-1000 ten zone force air convection reflow soldering system because it delivers more accurate thermal control and has power efficient technology. It also has a process capability that spans from simple, one layer PCBs to complex, 20 layer, thick PCBs. 

JTR-1000 produces ΔT’s less than ±0.8°C with hot air evenness and less than ±1.0°C with PCB thermal evenness. Consistent thermal performance of the thermal control technology promotes excellent zone separation, minimizes cross board ΔT’s, and allows for better control of time above liquidus. 

Ten heat zones mean there are ten top and ten bottom heat elements in the chamber and they can be controlled individually. The temperature profile can be adjusted very accurately in order to handle different applications. 

New cooling configurations allow the filtered or reclaimed air back to the oven chamber. It reduces the thermal loss as well as gets better flux reclamation. The Cooling fans’ speed can be controlled so they meet cooling slope requirement on thermally-challenging board assemblies. 

Why does Shenzhen Grande Use a 10 Zone Force air convection reflow oven?

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