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Small Volume BGA Assembly Prices in China

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Shenzhen Grande Electronics employs effective techniques to offer competitive small volume BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly prices in China. We have been providing BGA assembly, BGA rework and BGA Reballing services in EMS industry for 8 years which has enabled our clients to contact us for any BGA assembly services. BGA is a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits. In order to meet the client’s specs, we are capable of assembling all types of BGAs from micro BGAs (2mmX3mm) to large size BGAs (45mm); from ceramic BGAs to plastic BGAs along with capability of placing minimum 0.4mm pitch BGAs on the PC board. However majority of them are reluctant to provide low volume BGA assembling because soldering of BGA devices requires precise control and is usually done by automated processes, but still we readily provide these services with effective inspection systems. 

We make use of specialized quality inspection techniques for BGA assembling such as X-Ray machines, Industrial CT scanning machines, special microscopes as well as endoscopes to look underneath the soldered package turning expensive for small volume BGA assembly. However we strive to provide the most affordable price with adequate inspection methods for low volume BGA assembling and this can be explained through following example. BGA Specifications: Balls 900, Ball Matrix 30×30, Pitch 0.5mm, Size 17mm X 17mm Assembly cost in China: $200.00 for 40pcs and $350.00 for 80pcs 

We follow prescribed guidelines so as to provide effective BGA assembling with good prices even for a low quantity. In BGA removal, the BGA component is removed from the circuit board, then BGA site and PCB is cleaned. Furthermore in reballing, new solder balls are attached and finally the BGA is re-soldered back to the PCB by our expert engineers. There are numerous rework challenges associated with BGA devices. We resolve these issues to a great degree by using the proper materials; methods; and highly trained skilled rework technicians. 

Our approximate cost including inspection charge for BGA removal, re-balling and re-soldering services is $390.00 for 40pcs and $690.00 for 80pcs in China for above BGA specifications. BGA assembly has to undergo thermal profiling and X-Ray inspection for further accuracy. 

We also employ thermal profile for small quantity, as it is the most important function in the BGA assembly process. A careful review of PCB files and the BGA datasheets is done to make the best thermal profile for BGA assembly. The BGA sizes, BGA ball material composition (leaded or lead-free) are considered to make effective thermal profiles. 

Additionally a visual inspection of the solder joints with conventional AOI (automatic optical inspection) systems is not possible. The only reasonable method to realize an efficient inline control is the implementation of AXI (automatic X-ray inspection) systems to detect soldering defects like poor soldering, bridging, voiding and missing parts. We have experienced technicians who use 2D X-rays to render 3D images in order to check such problems as PCB broken vias in inner layers and BGA ball’s cold solder. 

We make use of modern equipment and skilled labor to reliably solder BGA packages which sometimes leads to considerable increase in the prices for low volume BGA assembling in China. However You can get the basic idea of the BGA assembly price for small quantity from our PCB assembly quote calculator. 

Generally the charges levied by Shenzhen Grande for the small run BGA assembling are comparatively cheaper in China. China has established market for affordable inspection tools, easy availability of surface mounts devices, etc. which has enabled us to provide better turn time and shipping cost in China. The standard turn time offered by us for low volume BGA assembling is 3-4 days and shipping cost is approx $95 in China for above mentioned example. Furthermore, if you need any added information regarding quality methods and shipping charges, you can send an email to our representatives on our official email address

With state-of-the-art BGA placement equipment, correct BGA assembly processes and X-ray test equipment, customer can rely on us to build high quality and good yield rate BGA boards. 

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