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Low Cost Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Services in China

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Shenzhen Grande offers PCB layout design services for multiple engineering groups with a focus on Design for Fabrication and Design for Test. It offers the most ideal service for engineering customers who must meet tight deadlines with limited resources. Shenzhen Grande has a dedicated team for answering customer questions with respect to physical layout and fabrication factors so that problems can be caught during the early design stage in order to prevent unnecessary costs later in the design process thus reducing the total cost of the PCB design. 

A PCB Design quote can be generated by either using our online quote calculator or by sending your design specifications files to our company’s email address at You will receive a PCB layout quote in generally 2 working days of our receipt of your complete PCB design information and files. The basic information that PCB design companies require to provide a quote is the BOM, size of the board, number of components, nodes and nets, and any special features such as, particular shape, RF traces, matched line lengths or impedance control, etc. Most PCB design companies will offer discounts if the PCB to be designed has fewer components, nodes and nets. In addition, they also provide output files (e.g., BOM, Gerber, assembly & fabrication files, etc.) depending upon the complexity of the schematic design. 

The majority of PCB Layout projects begin with a netlist exported from the schematic capture. The design service providers prefer an accurate schematic to ensure good PCB design flow. A neat, logical and clearly laid out schematic makes the PCB design job much easier. Customers are required to send the schematic in the form of an ASCII netlist, Hand drawing Schematic or Schematic design PDF via email. The number of notes, components and their placement, etc. determines the cost of the PCB design services. 

The PCB design services cost & turn time depends on various factors such as board size, number of layers, number of SMT & THT components placement, length match routing, RF design, etc. The average cost of electronic design services is usually much less expensive in China than in other countries. For example, the cost for a PCB designed in China which has 30 components, 45 nets and 16 nodes would be about $312 USD for standard design considerations. On receipt of the schematic and the design modifications as per the customer’s requirements, there are usually changes in final quote, which would be communicated to the customer through phone, email or other communication channels. The turn time offered by most of PCB layout companies is 5 to 10 days. 

Most of electronic layout design companies give customers the designs in PDF format for preliminary verification, along with scheduling a live review. As a result, a teleconference can be conducted with basic online conferencing software to enable the customer and design engineer to see the board and discuss the probable changes with respect to DFM, DFT, etc. Sometimes customers find it a little difficult to coordinate with PCB design companies due to minor problems or language barriers. Also, there are limited payment options available for PCB design services in China due to existing government laws. In addition, there are few who accept payment via credit card, wireless transfers, etc.

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