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Technical Article

Why Need Do PCBA Test After Assembly?

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Regarding PCBA Test, many customers must confuse why circuit boards still need PCBA test after assembly. Is PCBA Test necessary? How does PCBA Test go on? Now, Shenzhen PCBA processing manufacturer-Grande, as a 22 years+ PCB & PCBA Manufacturer, will analyze and explain the reason of PCBA Test.




The Necessity of PCBA Test


PCBA test is a key step to ensure the quality of production and delivery, and which also determine the final performance of electronics product. Thats to say, the purpose of PCBA Test is to catch out those possible defective circuit boards, whose method is through the full-function test of the simulated circuit board when it is installed into the finished product; If no PCBA Test, once any defects were discovered after being assembled into the finished product, and all of them had to be dismantled and reassembled, resulting in waste of working hours and loss of materials.



PCBA Test Operation Steps


1. Make FCT ( Functional Test ) fixture according to the test points, procedures and test steps designed by the customer;

2. Connect the test points on the PCBA board through FCT Jig to form a complete path;

3. Connect the PCBA board to the computer and programmer, upload and run the MCU program;

4. Observe the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT Jig, and verify whether they are consistent with the design, so as to complete the test of the entire PCBA board.



Shenzhen PCB Assembly Factory


Common forms of PCBA testing

1. ICT ( In Circuit Test ): Its used to detect the voltage and current value of test points after PCBA board powers on. In other words, ICT doesnt include function keys or input and output tests. It mainly includes circuit on-off, voltage and current values, fluctuation curves, amplitude, noise, etc.


2. FCT ( Functional Test ): IC programming is required, meanwhile, the function of entire PCBA board need to be simulated and tested so that if problems in the hardware and software which will be found, and the necessary patch processing production jigs and test racks are equipped.


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