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Technical Article

Can other materials replace gold in electronics?

Time:2019-06-28 16:54:04 Click:

In fact, there are a kind of new copper-based material (based on copper nanoparticles) that can be used to replace those expensive precious metals of printed electronics, such as silver, gold, etc.


However, aside from the expense, we have to admit, gold is extremely perfect in electronics. A noble metal that does not corrode or oxidize which makes great sliding connectors that don’t require a great deal of force to operate so that it's good for lower voltage low current contacts in connectors, switches, relays and any connections made by mechanical contact rather than soldering.


Furthermore, gold is also an extremely good conductor right up there with copper and silver. Apart form that, gold is ductile which means it can be made into very fine wires for internal connections on ICs.





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