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Technical Article

PCB Multi-Layer Stack-Up

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Grande Electronics provides a PCB multi-layer stack-up services. PCB multi-layer stack-up defines the material thickness and copper weights needed to build a particular multi-layered PCB. The stack-up gives the brief idea about the material and copper thickness of every layer involved in the circuit board. The stack-up generally acts as a road-map for the manufacturer to enable to accurately build the circuit board as per the design. As multi-layer circuit boards have more than two layers of boards, proper arrangement of layers is required. The incorrect layer arrangement may lead to the noisy PCB with unpredicted performances. Therefore, many of the consumers contact us to know the importance of the PCB multi-layer stack-up. 

 You have an option to give the PCB multi-layer stack-up construction. But you need to be very careful and consider many important things as it can help to determine the electromagnetic compatibility of a product. A good stack-up will help to reduce the emission from the circuit in addition to cables connected to the PCB. 

 We follow typical multi-layer board stack-up while circuit board fabrication process. For the various options, please refer to the link below. You are not required to take efforts for building PCB multi-layer stack-up. Simply leave it to us, as we have professionals to take care of this activity. We do it every day. This will also allow you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of handling issues with circuit board stack-up. As also, sometimes it becomes difficult to use PCB designed by other person or company because of unavailability of material used in some PCB stack-up. To avoid all the unwanted pain, you can refer to the below mentioned link for our standard multi-layer PCB stack-up. 

 All substrate thickness varies similar to that of the conductor, although the substrate thickness is calculated in inches or millimeters and not in ounces like copper conductor. The thickness of the substrate has an effect on the stiffness of the circuit board and also changes the electrical properties like characteristic impedance of copper traces. It is not difficult to state the thickness of a particular layer in circuit board stack-up. It is desirable to state the thickness of your complete PCB and basis that we can select an individual substrate thickness as per your overall thickness need. While manufacturing a copper conductor circuit board, the real flexibility is received in the thickness of the copper which is majority of times termed as copper weight. We offer a wide range of copper thickness alternatives. 

 Communication is not a problem with our team. Our executives are available to help you with your multi-layer stack-up related issues. You can coordinate with us via our technical support from 08:30 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time or queries can be emailed to 

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