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Technical Article

PCBA SMT Placement Machine Programming Method

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When it comes to the SMT Assembly, Grande is one of the PCBA Manufacturers who is able to provide SMT Assembly with the smallest package of 0201 components and whose daily SMT Assembly capacity is up to three to four million points.



SMT placement machine programming method


SMT placement machine programming requires confirmation information, including

1. Basic information of the PCB board, such as the length, width and thickness of the circuit board;

2. The basic information of the fiducial point, like the coordinate parameters of the fiducial point on the PCB;

3. PCB board assembly information, based on PCB board array way in production.

4. SMT placement information, including placement number, coordinates, angle, etc. Also. the customer will provide the corresponding BOM list, Assembly diagram, sample circuit board, etc.





SMT placement machine programming steps


There are two stages of placement machine programming, one is offline preparation, and the second is online debugging. The specific details of each factory are different according to its SMT placement machine model and management mode.


1. Offline preparations


First of all, prepare the BOM list that provided by the customer. Programming need to be done on computer, so it is best to provide electronic files in excel format.


Secondly, extract the coordinates.

Choose the corresponding operation method according to the different documents provided by the customer:


(1) If the customer sends the coordinates of the exported excel or TXT document, you can directly use the programming software to merge the coordinates with the BOM list.

(2) If the customer has already sent the PCB file, then we still need to export the coordinates by ourselves. Usually, protel99 or PADS2007 such design software can be used to export to excel format.

(3) The customer only provided the bill of materials, but could not provide the coordinates. In this case, the scanner is required to save the production point in CAD format after PCB scanning, and then synthesize the coordinates and BOM.


Finally, checking whether there is any omission or repositioning after BOM and coordinate synthesis. If yes, the engineering department should contact the customer for confirmation.


By the above mentioned three steps, offline programming has been roughly completed.





2. Online debugging


Firstly, import the programmed program into the SMT placement machine;

Secondly, find the origin and mark it;

Thirdly, gradually correct the coordinate number;

Fourthly, optimize the saving process, and then check the component orientation and data again;

Fifthly, press the first piece to confirm after booting.


In a nutshell, the above is an introduction on how to program the placement machine for SMT placement processing. If you have circuit board products that need SMT Assembly Service, Grande is always here for you!



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