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How to Request a PCB Assembly Quote in China?

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Shenzhen Grande Electronic functions with the support of experienced resources and latest technology. So it is not difficult to request a PCB assembly quote from Shenzhen Grande in China. Many buyers contact us and request for circuit board assembly quote. In order to generate PCB assembly quote, we specifically ask for certain data such as number of boards, Gerber files in RS-274X, bill of materials (BOM) in Microsoft excel format, pick and place file or centroid data, assembly files, any special specifications, etc. 

The bill-of-material should be in Microsoft Excel format. It should contain all the mandatory columns. The columns should have details with respect to reference designator, quantity, manufacturer’s name, manufacturer’s part number, part description, package type, etc. Furthermore, it should have a special highlight for the parts to be excluded from assembling or purchasing process. 

Shenzhen Grande does not charge extra for providing design for manufacturability (DFM) check. Our DFM services are free of cost for all projects. Our team is very vigilant while evaluating bill of material, Gerber files for DFM check. Our experts are well-versed with accepted guidelines of DFM validation and ensures appropriate DFM test for quality end service. 

We don’t trouble our consumers by levying extra charges for using latest quality inspection techniques like other contract manufacturers. We make sure that all the circuit boards pass through automated optical inspection, x-ray inspection, sample lot check, etc. prior to final delivery. As this is part of basic service, the quote is exclusive of quality checking cost. 

You can forward your files to our executives through the available modes of communication. You can either send the files to our official email address. On receipt of the files, our team will analyze in detail and the official quote will be given. 

The official quotation is generally given to our customers within 1 business day. If you feel any requirement for additional discussion regarding a quote or any relevant concerns, you can get in touch with us through

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    Please upload your Gerber files and BOM. You can upload an unlimited number of files as long as the total size of all files does not exceed 20 MB. To ensure you receive your official quote in less than 24 hours, please include the quantity of circuit boards for which you would like a quote.

    If you require that we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), please send it to us prior to sending your files and we will be happy to accommodate.

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