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How to Get a Quote for Turnkey Circuit Assembly?

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How to Get a Quote for Turnkey Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly?

Turnkey printed circuit board assembling manufacturers mainly provide both types of assembling services i.e. Full Turnkey service including ordering all parts and Partial Turnkey service where the customer arranges for circuit boards or components and the remaining parts are ordered by the electronic manufacturers. 

Depending upon the type of service opted; various files are required such as Bill of material, Gerber files, Centroid data (Pick-and-Place file), Assembly drawings for specific instructions if any and details with respect number of boards to be assembled from the customers. 

On receipt of BOM file, Gerber files etc; it becomes easy to find solution to how to get a Quote for Turnkey Printed circuit board assembly from the electronic manufacturers in China. 

Many Printed circuit board assembling companies in China prefer Bill of material in excel format with complete information like reference designators, components description, quantity of components, Manufacturer’s name & part number, Vendor name & order number, etc. 

The BOM file should have a specific highlight regarding if the electronic manufacturers are not required to order any electronic components or any parts that need not be included while circuit board assembling. Along with BOM, the customers are required to send Gerber or design file for turnkey PCB assembling. 

Number of electronic manufacturers accepts Gerber file in RS-274X, RS-274-D, DXF, and DWG formats to proceed with turnkey circuit board assembling. Some of the PCB assembling companies also accepts design files for turnkey order. On receipt of the mandatory file a quote is given to the customer for his perusal by the PCB assembly houses. 

The quote provided by the circuit board assembling services includes DFM check. Many of the PCB assembling companies have a expert team for considering Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testability which further becomes an important aspect in Lead time and cost of turnkey circuit board assembling. 

Lead time for full turnkey assembling is the total of components procurement, PCB fabrication and assembling turn time whereas in Partial turnkey assembling the turn time begins on receipt of all components and Printed circuit boards from the customers. Most of the electronic PCB companies provide lead time of 7 to 10 days for standard order before commencement of circuit board assembling. 

Shorter circuit board Assembly turn time may increase by more than 30%-200% compared to the normal PCB assembling. The shipping cost is generally expensive for an urgent delivery in comparison to normal delivery for assembled boards and these details are mentioned in the official quote. 

Most of the electronic manufacturers provide official quote in 1- 2 days, on receipt of all required information from the customer with expected lead time, mandatory files, type of turnkey PCB assembling i.e.partial or full turnkey assembling, number of boards to be assembled etc. 

Shenzhen Grande’s efficient procurement team ensures that the parts are ordered in volume as per BOM provided by the customers so as to enable them to get highest level of cost savings. It does not believe in minimum order size for turnkey PCB assembling service. Customers can reap benefits of greater cost savings by ordering in larger volume with Shenzhen Grande. Shenzhen Grande provides good lead time for turnkey PCB assembling of 50 boards in around 12 days.

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