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Technical Article

Why is gold used in electrical parts?

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When it comes to the reason why gold is used in electronics, its characteristics are the major considerations. For example,


1.Gold is one of the most ductile of metals,1 gram of gold can pull up to 4,000 meters of gold wire;


2.Gold can be made into a gold foil that is much thinner than paper and whose thickness is only one-fifth of a millimeter so that it looks almost transparent with a little green or blue instead of golden yellow;


3.Gold is pretty soft and easy to process, and it can be even traced on its surface with nails;


4.Besides, the melting point of gold is higher, reaching 1063 ° C. That’s to say, the fire is not easy to burn it; The chemical nature of gold is highly stable, and it will not rust even it is burnt.


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