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Technical Article

What is the best temperature for soldering circuit boards?

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When it comes to the best temperature for soldering circuit boards,



1.Coding switch and other components soldering: 343 ± 10 ° C;


2. Chromatic circle resistor, ceramic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, short circuit block and other components soldering: 371 ± 10 ° C;


3. Repairing the general components (including IC): Within 350 ± 20 ° C;


4. Repairing power supply module with big pins, transformer (or inductor), large electrolytic capacitor and large-area copper foil pad: 400±20 °C;


5. SMD, assembly inspection welding, mobile phone production line: Be strictly in accordance with the temperature requirements of the inspection welding instructions;


6. When the chip mounter is soldering, the high temperature resistance of the circuit board is 288℃, and it can be operated 3 times in 10 seconds, which means during this temperature, it will not be damaged within the specified time.Because the fire resistance grade material of the board— glass fiber;


7. Lead-free soldering: 360 ± 20 ° C;


8. Flexible PCB soldering: About 60W 250 degrees.





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