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4-layer Controller One-Stop PCBA Service-Shenzhen Grande PCB Assembly Manufactur

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4-layer Controller PCBA

 Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronic

 Layers: 4

 Project: 4-layer Controller One-Stop PCBA Service-Shenzhen Grande PCB Assembly Manufacturer

 PCB: FR4/1.6mm/1oz
 Min Via: 0.2mm
 Surface Treatment: HASL
 Packing: Anti-static bag and compartmental packing
  Standard Warp: <0.75%

 PCBA Lead time: 3-4 weeks


1,Turnkey solution for 4-layer Controller One-Stop PCBA Service-Shenzhen Grande PCB Assembly Manufacturer.
2, PCB Assembly, PCB fabrication / PCB layout, PCB Reversing 
3, Electronic Manufacturing Service
5, Components Sourcing 
6, Quick PCBA prototype
7, X-ray test, ICT and Functional Circuit Test 
8, Sample and small batch order are accepted.

PCBA Service
Customer offers: Gerber file, PCB Specification, BOM and Assembly Drawing.
Full-turnkey PCBA: 1-30Layers PCB, Components Sourcing, SMT, PCBA testing, PCBA Aging test, PCBA Packing and PCBA Shipping.

PCBA Quality Assurance
1, Certifications: UL, SGS, TUV, BV, ROHS, ISO9001: 2008, TS16949: 2008 
2, 7 lines dust-proof SMT lines and DIP lines.
3, All line works wear anti-static and dust-proof clothing.
4, All operators should pass strictly training before they start work.
5, SMT Equipment:solder paste printer in Jidakang,, Mounter in Panasonic, Re-flow, Wave Soldering, Semi-auto DIP
6, PCBA Test Equipment: ORT, Constant temperature and humidity chamber,3D CMM,X-Ray.
7, PCBA Test:ICT, Functional Circuit Test and X-ray test.
8, Package Processed:
0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1608, 2125, 3216
Micro QFP 0.2mm
Flip-chip, BGA, Connectors
BGA Ball Pitch=0.2mm
9, Each workstation in accordance with the SOP 
10, Materials:FR-4, FPC, Aluminum,High TG,Halogen-Free, HF, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-1, 94-V0 and so on.
11, Material Brand:KB, SHENGYI, NANYA and so on. 

PCBA Lead Time
PCBA prototype: 7-10 working days after contract signed and EQ confirmed. 
Mass production: partial delivery according to the customer’s requirement.

Other information for PCBA
1, The mass production will be arranged after PCBA prototype confirmed. 
2, Use Teflon adhesive tape to protect Mount Holes and GND Holes.
3, EPE is used to avoid impact and crash.
PCBA Standard Packing
Anti-static bag and compartmental packing

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