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Car Power Supply PCB Reversing-PCB and PCBA Manufacturer Shenzhen Grande

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4-layer Car Power PCB / Car Power supply PCB Reversing / PCB Replication












Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronic
Layer: 4
Application:  Car Power Supply PCB Reversing-PCB and PCBA Manufacturer Shenzhen Grande

Parameter: FR-4/1.6mm , 3oz finished copper
Surface Treatment: Lead-Free HASL
Deliver: PCB Files, BOM list and Schematic
Lead Time: One week



Why need us? 
When you don’t have enough production document and only have PCB/PCBA sample, reverse engineering service is a efficient way. It not only can be saved development costs, but also can be shorten development time.

The reverse engineering service is included PCB Clone, BOM list, component replacement, schematic, PCBA prototype and so on. And the PCB Clone is including single PCB Clone and sets of PCB Clone(Secondary Development).

Our advantages:
1, Grande has over ten years experiences in PCB Clone services for many industry electronics. So we have advantages in lead time control, technology support and cost down. Our target is provide totally same product to our customers.
2, We can provide all kinds of document format, such as Protel99/Se, PowerPCB, PADS, AutoCAD and PCB file, schematic, BOM list. At same times, we also can PCB manufacturing, component sourcing and PCB assembly one-stop service.
3, For unidentified IC or program, our engineer can provide part No. identification and program release service.

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