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Technical Article

How To Realize PCBA Programming?

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) technology has become increasingly mature, with a wide range of applications, and it plays a key role in various intelligent equipment today. In order for the circuit board to achieve the expected design functions, in addition to the hardware in place, the matching support of the software and the program is indispensable. The programm is solidified into the IC by programming. So how to realize PCBA programming?





What is PCBA programming?


PCBA Programming that is the process of putting the program into the internal storage space of the chip, which is generally divided into offline programming and online programming.



PCBA Offline Programming Realization Method


Compatible with different packaged chips through various adapters, and only when the chip and adapter are used together that can be programmed. BTW, the adapter itself is a type of precision fixture. Thats to say, different chips and packages requires different adapters.


At present, the packaging of chips such as Emmc, which is widely used and developing in the direction of miniaturization and planarization such as BGA and QFN, and the price of adapters of this type of package is not low.


If an error occurs during the production test, the production retrospective re-correction requires the chip to be removed from the adapter and re-programming in accordance with the prescribed process, which is time-consuming, laborious and costly. During PCBA production, some unexpected situations may occur, such as the circuit board's insufficient temperature resistance, and the chip will be deformed when the chip is disassembled, which invisibly increases the risk of scrap.





PCBA Online Programming Realization Method


Online programming uses the chip's standard communication bus, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc. The interface is generally fixed, and there are fewer pins that need to be connected during programming. Since the interface communication rate is not high, the programming can be completed by using a general wire without high consumption.


Also, due to online programming is performed by wire connection, if an error is found during production testing, the PCBA that has the error can be traced back immediately, and the program can be re-programmed without disassembling the chip. By this way, it not only saves production costs, but also increases the efficiency of programming.




More importantly, the production line is also developing towards automation. Plenty of manufacturers tend to add ICT, FCT and other functional testing machines to the production line. The production method of using automatic fixtures and online programming can be omitted in the programming stage. Manual operation, burn directly after mounting the board, and then send the PCBA to the testing machine for testing. The entire production process is fully automated, which can greatly improve production efficiency.


In a nutshell, the advantages of online programming in PCBA are extremely significant, and it has become one of the important indicators in the industry to measure the process accuracy, production efficiency, cost, quality control, scale, and capital of PCBA manufacturers.



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