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PCB Fabrication: Inexpensive 4 Layer PCB Prototyping

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Shenzhen Grande Electronic has exclusive capabilities and talented workforce which enables to offer inexpensive 4 layer PCB prototyping services. Consumers from different regions contact us with varied specifications and to fulfill the desire of cost-effective 4 layer circuit board prototyping requirements. We cater to superior quality 4 layer PCB prototyping needs through our production house in China. 

Shenzhen Grande’s production plant is located in Shenzhen, China. It is comprised of advanced equipment and all the necessary machinery to manufacture 4 layer circuit board. We have employed 320 associates to produce 4 layer PCB as per your distinctive specifications. Our resources execute all functions in accordance with prescribed standards. We deliver end product with expected quality and at a reasonable rate. We have received ISO9001 certificate due to our constant focus on delivering quality output. Our staff normally delivers highest quality 4 layer circuit board by using all the requisite inspection methods. We carry out all our activities which are in compliance to IPC-A600 & IPC-A610 standards along with offering various laminate options. 

We have a wide-variety of laminate options such as we can provide high-frequency materials which are produced by Rogers, and high-heat resistance base materials i.e. High TG FR-4, etc. We proceed with this option only with the customer’s consent because these materials are comparatively expensive than standard materials. Also, we will use laminate thickness as suggested by you. However, regular standard thickness option offered by us is 62 mil. Furthermore, you can even select from this laminate thickness alternatives i.e. from 8 mil to 240 mil. Additionally, we proceed with design for manufacturing (DFM) verification for 4 layer PCB. 

Our skilled resources will commence with a DFM check as per prescribed rules. There is a stringent focus on DFM, as it enables to spot mistakes before final production. It allows our team to resolve all concerns at an initial stage and avoid rework and delay, which is again an important aspect of inspection systems. 

To give high-quality 4 layered circuit boards, we follow multiple inspection and quality checking steps. Our experienced staff uses automated optical inspection (AOI), electrical-test (E-test), etc. to check the issues. You can get the price for your order from our website quote tool.

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